Good Things to Know About Candles

Did you know that 7 out of 10 households in the United States burn candles? That may not be much of a surprise, considering that the candle industry is pretty big in the US, with sales of over $2.3 billion per year and climbing. We Americans love our candles — whether they’re votive, scented, or decorative, it’s not uncommon these days to walk into someone’s house and find a candle or two (or ten) adorning a table or brightening a dark corner of their living room.

What may be more surprising to you is the little-known fact that most of these candles are affecting indoor air quality and posing health hazards to those who enjoy them so much. Long-term exposure to the smoke expelled from standard, manufactured candles can lead to issues like allergies, asthma, and can even increase the risk of cancer in certain individuals. Those cheap scented candles you pick up at the local gift shop aren’t sounding so appealing now, are they?

Many people who regularly buy retail candles are completely unaware of what they are really made from. They are generally crafted from paraffin wax, which is made from petroleum, which, as we all know, is refined to produce gasoline, diesel fuel, and other toxic products. When you light those candles in your home, you are breathing in toxins that are known to cause health issues in humans! The black rings you see on your candles while you burn them are caused by chemicals that are getting into the air, and right into your lungs. The soot that causes those black rings can even stick to your walls, causing dark stains that are next to impossible to clean off.

Cleaner Candles For A Cleaner Environment

If you’re a candle lover and concerned about how your favorite candles may be affecting you and your family's health, don’t worry! There are safer alternatives to the petroleum-based products you normally buy.

Before Clean Wick Soy Candles came about as a company, the founder discovered the dirty facts about how regular candles are made, and she decided to go on a mission to help others realize the benefits of natural soy candles. By founding Clean Wick, she made a pledge to create a product that was free of the toxic chemicals and additives found in most retail candles.

Soy candles are made from soy wax, which is derived from soybeans. The soy wax that Clean Wick uses to craft their scented candles is 100% all natural. Some companies claim to be manufacturing a product that is made of “real” soy, but they often turn out to be a fake blend of soy and paraffin. In order to receive the benefits of a natural candle, it is important to ensure you are purchasing a 100% soy product.

Not only are soy candles healthier for you, they last longer too — due to the fact that soy wax melts at a lower temperature, it takes much longer for the wax to burn down. Clean Wick’s soy candles burn slowly and evenly, and they last for 50 hours! 

An added bonus for all the vegans and eco-conscious consumers out there: Clean Wick soy candles are 100% vegan and free from animal testing! Rest assured that with Clean Wick candles, you are using a product made from soy and real wooden wicks that burns clean and is environmentally friendly.

Clean Wick can offer you a candle that is:

  • Handcrafted locally in Arizona
  • Non-toxic and safe for your family
  • 100% natural and handmade
  • Free of black soot that gets into your lungs and stain your walls
  • Slower burning than regular candles
  • Made from ingredients purchased from local farmers

Natural Candles Made With Care

By now, you can see why so many people are making the switch to soy candles. Why not try them for yourself, and discover a healthier, non-polluting alternative that will keep your home smelling amazing throughout the season and beyond?

Check out Clean Wick Soy Candles’ wonderful line of products at our online shop, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our candles. We look forward to hearing from you!