Pet House Candles

We love our furry friends, and just about everything that goes along with having them in our homes — except the smells! Keep your home smelling fresh and your pets healthy by choosing one of our Pet House candles. This collection was carefully designed with pet odor elimination in mind.

The fresh citrus smell quickly targets any lingering odors and allows you to enjoy snuggling with your canine companions and feline friends. No more stress or odors; only relaxation and comfort.

All Clean Wick Soy Candles have been hand-poured in the USA and crafted from the finest possible ingredients. Our premium soy wax creates a cleaner burn that is better for you, your family, and your pets. The lasting burn and unique scent blend will make this your favorite candle for months to come.

Shop our collection today to find your new Pet House candle and some other favorites. No matter the occasion, Clean Wick Soy Candles has a candle to match.